Just Say No to HTML on Usenet

From: Jeremy Nixon - RemarQ <jnixon@remarq.com>
Subject: Re: HTML Posts ....
Date: Friday, February 12, 1999 08:56

James Alexander Starritt <starritt@geocities.com> wrote:

> Its seems that a lot of posts that are sent in HTML form are coming
> through damaged in some form ..... basically I can see all the tags.
> Have RemarQ changed something to convert these posts to plain text ??
> Or should I be looking at my software for a remedy ? ... I use Outlook
> Express ...

Interpreting HTML is entirely up to your newsreader. Outlook should handle it okay, and if it doesn't, I'd tend to blame the newsreader of the person who posted it, rather than yours or our server. HTML in Usenet posts is the embodiment of pure, unadulterated evil, and this is largely the product of poor newsreaders written by people who don't know the difference between Usenet and a web-based discussion board--and thus it is often done wrong.

Of course, it could be in your newsreader; go through the options and make sure you don't have something like "interpret HTML" turned off.

But, keep in mind, reading news with something that actually interprets HTML like a web browser opens you up to all kinds of nasty things. META REFRESH tags, Javascript exploits, long downloads because some dweeb decided to include a link to his favorite 200k jpeg, horrible backgrounds and MIDI files from Web-TV, the never-ending cascade of new browser windows with porn-banner sites because you didn't recognize a subject line as being spam before it was too late ... the list goes on.

Oh yeah, and the little nastiness that results in you sending an insulting email to the current resident of 600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Just Say No to HTML on Usenet.

Jeremy, RemarQ. 

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