The kangals of Karacabey


Anyone who wants to buy one of the Kangal dog pups bred at the Karacabey Directorate of Agricultural Enterprises, an agency of the Turkish General Directorate for Agricultural Enterprises,  has to be willing to wait for months before his turn comes up.


The breeding records of the Kangal dogs raised on the Karacabey farm are scrupulously kept to ensure that the animals’ purebred status is maintained. The puppies are put up for sale when they’re 45 days old. More than 500 people are on a waiting list to buy one of these kangals, which are sold for 350 million liras.[1] Vakkas Karaoðlan, one of the farm’s breeders, told us that in addition to having guardian instincts, the Kangal dog is an animal that has proven its sensitivity, intelligence, and reliability. Karaoðlan also noted that these dogs obey their owners’ every command to the letter and absolutely will not attack children, adding that this was another important reason why they are in such demand.

(Hürriyet, 31 May 2003, page 17)

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[1] About USD 245 on 1 June 2003.