Gezginís funny and bizarre links

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3rd Annual Nigerian EMail Conference

Asepsis Technology

Allied Chemical

Butchering the human carcass

Church of Euthanasia

Controlled Demolition Inc.

Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division: Dihydrogen monoxide info

Disturbing auctions

Facts about dihydrogen monoxide

Flame Warriors

Gallery of regrettable food

Holy shit!

Jump The Shark: The turning-point of television programming

Landover Baptist: Where the worthwhile worship. Unsaved unwelcome


Mark Twain quotations

Masturbate for Peace: Using masturbation to end war

Modern Humorist

National Lampoon Dotcom

Pseudictionary: Words that donít exist but should

The Specious Report: Political satire and parody since 1789

Something awful: The internet makes you stupid!

The Daily Rotten

The lowdown on sporks

The Onion:America's finest news source!

The truth about black helicopters!

Who would buy that?

Why does urine smell odd after eating asparagus?


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