Dead Moose Chews

A: What are you eating? It looks like leather!"

B: "Heck no. It's beef jerky. You want some?

A: "No way! When I want a snack between meals, it's gotta be moist, it's gotta be meaty, and it's gotta be from north of the border. It's gotta be moose."

B: "Moose?!"

A: "You bet. New Moose Chews. Chewy chunks of meaty dead moose. They're delicious and nutritious and just a few Moose Chews will hold me until dinner. And Moose Chews are now bigger."

B: "You mean more moose?"

A: "No, stupid!" [Whack!] "More wrapper. Of course more moose."

Announcer: "Moose Chews. If you must choose, choose Moose Chews."

[Music swells to jingle.]

Chorus: "Half the fun of having teeth is Dead Moose Chews."

Announcer: Moose Chews. A product of Canada.

(Transcribed by Opinicus.)

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